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So I made a small video for my girlfriend’s song ‘The Fall (No Light, No Light)’…. There honestly aren’t enough words for how much I love the lyrics that she wrote and how she matched it to the melody for Florence and the Machine’s ‘No Light No Light’. 

Her voice and pure talent is what makes this small pile of clips something which I get goosebumps over, so please take a minute to watch/listen and reblog, it would help our music so much.

Also there’s a link to the Soundcloud page where you can download the track in the video’s description, so if you like it that much, go go go :D

I normally hate the type of people that go all smooshy and lovey over their other half’s work, but I can’t be the only one who thinks this is an amazing song?

Go check out her blog by clicking here :)

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    This is really amazing. And heartbreaking.
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