This was a Sherlock only blog once before I lost control. This blog now contains: SHERLOCK/ DOCTOR
WHO/ MERLIN/ GoT/THE HOBBIT/HANNIBAL, random crap, a boatload of Benedict Cumberbatch, and various other English actors
My name is Johanne, though I go by Jo, I'm 20, living in Ireland. I'm Danish but I was born and raised in England so I'm British at heart. I make far too many edits/apprecitation posts/songs for my fandoms all of which can be found under My Stuff below. MON THE BIFF.



I’m doing a project on my channel called: The fangirl Diaries.

I want to talk about ships/otps/canon/headcanon/fanfiction/fansongs, anything fandom related or about actors/actresses/writers and I need some suggestions about what to talk about.

I’ve two vids up here already: [X]