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So I’m writing another post Reichenbach song called ‘The Aftermath’ and I’d really like some opinions on the lyrics before I write anymore in case they totally suck.

With sudden pang of pain

I realised you were gone

When I poured two cups of tea

But only needed one.

So I set yours on the counter

I walked over to your chair

And I sat in it for hours

Weeping with despair.

I went into your bedroom,

And I stood there for a while

The room still had your smell

Like sweet mint and camomile.

I lay there on your bed

My head upon your place

And I thought about your words

And that look upon your face.

But I stopped myself from thinking,

But was it out of fear?

No, I think I stopped for something else;

Those words you’ll never hear.

But I just finished recording a Sherlock song and I would be so incredibly grateful if I could get feedback on it

It’s my first attempt at this so constructive criticism is welcomed 

Song here: [x]